Ready for the party?

Dive into a world of colors and fun at ARTIFLAIR Studio! We're experts at turning birthdays into unforgettable painting parties. Imagine a day where your child and their friends unleash creativity, laughter, and a whole lot of paint. At ARTIFLAIR, each brushstroke brings joy, and every color tells a story. We're not just hosting a party; we're creating an experience filled with smiles, art, and memories to treasure. So, let's make this birthday the one your child will always remember – full of creativity, friendship, and vibrant masterpieces!


Choose Your Art Adventure!
Beads, Pots, Tote bags, Canvas

3 Hours 

Minimum Guest
10 Kiddos

350 Euro incl. all material for crafting. One professional group picture and decoration.

Catering & Cleaning
We provide Water & Lemonade and cleaning

Cake & Snacks
Not included. Don’t forget to bring your cake and snacks

Art Party Anywhere: Home or Studio

No matter where – your place or our studio in Larnaca – we bring the art party magic to you! Our events are perfect for all kiddos, no matter their art skills. They get to tap into their artsy side with a bunch of cool themes and projects. It’s going to be one colorful, creative birthday celebration!

Check Out Our Fun Packages:

– Canvas Creation (Ages 8+) Dive into canvas painting! 

– Creating Tote bags  (Ages 8+) Dive into design!

– Pot Painting Workshop (Ages 8+): Get hands-on with pot painting.

– Friendship Bead Party (Ages 8+): Make cool beads and even cooler friends! 

Let’s make your child’s birthday the talk of the town with our fantastic art packages! From canvas painting to pot decoration and bead crafting, there’s a world of creativity waiting. Get ready for an unforgettable, artsy party experience that every kid will love and remember!

Choose Your Colors

Jump into a sea of colors! Pick the ones you love from our bright bunch, and I've got the rest. Mix, paint, and see your ideas pop to life on the canvas. It's more than art – it's a piece of your heart!.

Dive Into the Fun

Everything's set - beads, tools, and some expert tips. As you dive into your project, let the busy world slip away. It's just you, your imagination, and the fun of creating something really pretty

Craft Your Wow Piece

Just 2 hours and voilà! Your cool, handmade jewelry, trendy tote, or awesome painted pot is ready. A perfect piece to show off and love.

At Artiflair, I’m all about inspiring others and making connections with cool, creative people. I help every artist start where they are and grow their skills. We’re big on keeping things fun and helping everyone find their own art style. It’s just a great place to be yourself and enjoy making art!


Capturing Moments, Crafting Visions.