Painting with Acryl for easy start

Painting with Acryl for easy start

Acrylic paints are ideal for beginners who want to try their hand at painting without binding to oil paints. The material is easy to work with, and there are even several varieties with a rich choice of colors. Acrylic painting offers many advantages for both professionals and beginners. Acrylic delivers brilliant and clear colors that are perfect for large areas such as canvases or walls. The painters can change their technique as they wish, as no preliminary drawings are required! This versatile material also means you’re not limited in your choice of motif.

Acrylic painting is so simple and accessible to the general public that you only need a few basic materials:

  • A suitable painting surface (cardboard, canvas or wood)
  • A palette of acrylic paints
  • Suitable Acryl brushes
  • A plate or palette to mix the colors
  • A water container to wash out the brushes

Choosing the right acrylic paints

Acrylic paints are available in different qualities and at different prices. Hobby paints tend to be low quality while craft or professional-grade acrylic paints can be expensive for beginners when used for their first few projects. It’s worth investing in better products as you’ll get more out of them!

Conclusion: Acrylic painting is a unique and exciting medium for professionals and beginners. The acrylic paints deliver brilliant results that are perfect for use on large surfaces such as canvases or walls and give you the opportunity to change your technique as you wish!

Art and experimenting with colors are the journey of free soul.


Broad range of processing options

Acrylic paints offer a wide range of processing options. They can be painted or filled and used in thick layers with different pastes, gels or dryers to change the color structure as desired. This makes them perfect for beginners, as it is possible to change the work while painting. 

Mix acrylic paints

Mixing acrylic paints can be a bit tricky at first, but with practice it will get easier. For best results, add paint slowly and carefully and mix thoroughly before adding more paint or thinner to your mix. To make it even easier, you should use a white plate. This surface not only makes colors stand out better than a wooden board, it also doesn’t absorb as much paint.

Start with the background

Acrylic paints are a great medium for anyone who wants to experiment with different colors and techniques. Before you start your masterpiece, you should know the best way to apply the paint layer by layer. Because with this technique, you work from back to front. Fortunately, this also covers small flaws by the next layer.

Applying colors

For the perfect color gradient, start with a pure light shade and apply it to the entire surface. Gradually add more of the second shade to the wet pigments until only these two tones appear together in their original form, and you’ve got a fantastic start to your painting!

More tips and tricks

Protect your floor from acrylic splashes and protect yourself with old clothes, because the splashes are hard to wash out. Therefore, you should always wash the brushes well to avoid the colors mixing up uncontrollably (and potentially ruining an expensive piece). To do this, rinse them out with water until all residues are removed. Then let the painting supplies, etc. that have gotten dirty while working or cleaning up, air dry overnight.

Conclusion: acrylic paints for beginners!

Acrylic painting is a great technique. It is best suited for beginners who use a brush for the first time, but is also popular with professionals who already have a few special tips and tricks in store. Acrylic paints are available at an affordable price and therefore also popular with beginners. You’ll be surprised how deep the color depth of acrylic paints is!

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