Typical mistakes that happen to every photographer 

Typical mistakes that happen to every photographer 

Photography is a difficult art to learn. You make the same mistakes over and over again, but that’s no reason to be frustrated! In this article, you’ll learn what they are and how to avoid them and tackle the problems.

The sunlight

The sun floods the sky and warmth spreads across your skin while you wait for it to come. The 12 o’clock hour is approaching, 28 degrees Celsius with a bright blue background. But your model almost can’t stop her eyes and the shadows on her face make her look much older. So choose a day where there is not so much sun!

Too expensive equipment

You’re starting out with photography as a hobby and your equipment budget is probably low, but you’ll still want to buy every fancy lens. You read test reports on the Internet or ask local shops which cameras are recommended. Once they’re on your list (or you’ve already made up your mind), it’s time to narrow down the cameras that deliver good results and are affordable at the same time!

The value of a product is often determined by its price. If you buy cheap, you shouldn’t be surprised if the quality doesn’t meet expectations, so it’s recommended to buy a good look and refund something cheaper.

Conclusion: Learning photography is like learning any other skill. There will be mistakes, but don’t let them get you down! Through these experiences, you will grow and if you consciously take it to heart, you will get better every time!

The annoying lens cap

We all have that one moment when we start taking pictures and then something goes wrong. The lens cap is on, you can’t see anything through the camera, it’s impossible to miss! Don’t worry, there are many more people who have this problem:)

Forgetting to change

One of the hardest things about switching from automatic to manual mode is forgetting to switch it. In some cases, this can lead to overexposure or underexposure if you don’t notice it quickly enough, which would result in a bad photo!

Don’t shoot in RAW

Well, if you’ve also made the mistake of not shooting in RAW format…

The photo contains much more image information than a JPG. When you shoot in raw format, you can get a lot more out of the picture. Processing and saving is also easier because so much information is stored!

Don’t pay attention to detail when taking pictures

That’s a lesson you often learn the hard way: never be too lazy to put things away during the shoot and pay attention to details. Because even if there is Photoshop, it is tiring to remove all details later and takes a lot more time. It is therefore advisable to be proactive during the shoot.

Not formatted cards

The images are still in memory, but if you scroll back or forward too far, some of them may be seen by someone else. So before you take any more photos, you should always format the cards first!

Missing battery

Maybe you’ve already experienced it, no spare battery with you and your battery is slowly draining. Charge all your batteries beforehand and take spare batteries with you to be sure you don’t have problems in the middle of a shoot.

Conclusion: You learn from mistakes!

Can you also identify with these mistakes? If so, use it and learn your lesson from it! We all make mistakes at times, but it depends on whether we perceive them and consciously work to improve and avoid them in the future.

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